Kamis, 22 November 2012

simple present tense

A. Complete each sentences by using the right form of SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE of the verb in bracket. Look at the example:
      Fajar is a diligent student. He always   ____ (come) to school on time.
      The answer is: comes
1.    The earth  _____ (go) around the sun.
2.    My father and I often _____ (watch) soccer match at the stadium.
3.    Students generally _____ (hate) homework .
4.    We  _____ (visit) our grandparents on vacation.
5.    Melisa  _____ (have) two brothers and one sister. 
6.    My class teacher always _____ (give) me clear explanation.
7.    My brother  _____ (want) to get a job after finishing his school.
8.    Hospitals  _____ (open ) for twenty four hours everyday.
9.    Ari _____ (speak) politely to anybody.
10.  It usually _____ (rain) much in January in tropical countries.
B. Write: are, am, is, do or does in each gaps to complete the sentences
1. Arif ____ not Sundanese, he can’t speak that language.                                                                                                    2.The teacher asked me, “_____ you OK?” 
        3. My friends ____ not in the classroom now, you can find them in the canteen.
        4. How often ____ you go shopping?
        5. ____ your parents speak English?
        6. ____ your mother at home right now?
        7. What ____ your hobby? Do you like travelling?
        8. ____ Marry still angry with me?
        9. My brother ____ not eat meat, he is a vegetarian.
       10.Blue and green____ my favorit colors.

C. Complete each sentences with the right personal pronoun
1.    Do you see my eraser? I put ____ here just now.
2.    Rafdy and Rian are good in speaking English. ____ always practice it everyday.
3.    I need scissors to cut the paper. Can you find ____ for me, please?
4.    I can’t help you, Bob. You’ll have to solve your problem by _____.
5.    I like Dina’s hair. ____ hair is long, curly and black.
6.    I have a lot of work to do today, Can you help ___?
7.    Diana is a tough girl. Don’t worry about her. She can handle everything by ___.
8.    If you don’t bring your dictionary, you can use ____. I always bring it.
9.    We’d like to invite you to come to ___ house this evening.
10.  I never cheat in anykind of test. I always do it by ____.


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